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Having been a subscriber to the Philadelphia Inquirer for most of the past 25 years it seems that they just don't care about the customer any more. Several months ago, after missing delivery after delivery (I think I had several weeks of revised billing) I stopped...
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Its three weeks in a row no weekend delivery. It happens every summer, and when they say they will get a delivery out, they don't, When I ask for credit, I don't get it. Last chance or I cancel

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Chester Springs, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia Inquirer Subscription

Charges for non-delivery have gone to collection

A couple of years ago I took advantage of a special 8 week deal. All went well until the end of the period when my delivery stopped for a week, then started up again. I discovered that I was supposed to call to cancel or continue paying. I did pay for the 10 days I actually received the paper after the initial stoppage of 1 week. The Inquirer insists I owe $30. I refuse to pay. I tried a couple months ago to receive the paper at home. The Inquirer will not let me subscribe until I pay - which I won't. Actually this has been a boon. I have discovered that the New York Times is much better. I get my local news on line in other ways. Thanks Inquirer for giving me this opportunity.
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Just make sure you do not pay "to make it go away." Just let it go to collection. I would send a letter to them outlining what happened and why you refuse to pay and that you do not owe them anything and that you expect them to clear their accounts of this erroneous charge.

You are a victim of the new scam "auto-renewal" that many papers, magazines, etc. are pulling now. It's always a good idea to put subscriptions in a false name. The Post office delivers by address, not name and a sub for a name other than yours at your address will be delivered.

If there are any problems like you experienced, let them bill this strange, false name. You are not affected by this guy's lack of paying.

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Hemet, California
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Philadelphia inquirer us a *** company

My husband was out of work and decided to try and deliver an Philadelphia Inquirer route. His pay was in the negative. He put out more in gas and bags ( you have to buy your bags and double bag in wet weather) . This is a company that takes advantage of people that 1. are suffering because of the state of the economy. and 2. people that literally do not know any better because they don't have the skills for anything else. Listen to me carefully ---- I hope SOMEONE in your company has half a brain and some empathy. you are doing wrong by alot of people. You employ people and turn them in to something they are not. these are hard working individuals that deserve more than what you are offering. I hope that some one hears this and comes to the rescue of what was previously known as the middle class. My husband is not a low life or and *** by any stretch of the imagination. You are doing people a disservice by treating anyone in that manner.
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Beachwood, New Jersey